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All decisions regarding the NCCC-134 Committee are approved through the Executive Committee. The committee chair organizes the meetings. The executive committee is responsible for providing input on meeting location, meeting structure, guest speakers, and reviewing paper proposals.

The NCCC-134 Executive Committee is:

Anton Bekkerman, Montana State University

Berna Karali, University of Georgia

B. Wade Brorsen, Oklahoma State University

Scott H. Irwin, University of Illinois

Jeffrey H. Dorfman, University of Georgia

Olga Isengildina-Massa, Virginia Tech University

Mark Manfredo, Arizona State University

Dwight R. Sanders, Sourthern Illinois University

Stephen R. Koontz, Colorado State University

Matthew A. Diersen, South Dakota State University

Michel Adjemian, University of Georgia

Paper proposals for the annual meetings are reviewed by all of the Executive Committee members and ranked on a scale from 1 (worst) to 10 (best). Executive Committee members do not review papers where they have a conflict or where they are an author. Simple averages of all the committee members scores are used to rank proposals and the top 20-25 are accepted for presentation. The list of papers accepted may be modified given the number of papers associated with potential presenters - a given author will be allowed 2-3 papers - and the list maybe modified given quality of past presentations.

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